In Aminteo, just fifteen minutes from Nimfeo there are six wineries. Scattered around the vineyard of Amynteon are ready to accept all the tourists for a tour and a test.

EAS Amindeo

Overlooking the lakes of Petres and Vegoritis one would see the vineyards of the region of Amindeo. The Winery of EAS Amynteon with great care and closely guarded recipes of the time, producing unique wine.

Sublime in flavor and aroma of the wine Union of Agricultural Cooperatives Amynteon (EAS) is one of the best wines in Greece.

In 1959 starts the course. The distinctive aroma and velvety taste due to unique microclimate and the scrutiny and selection of raw materials. With modern manufacturing techniques with the help of technology the NDP continues to maintain its original quality fine wine it produces. Each of these labels has its own secret recipe, which has placed them high on the preferences of the world.

Kyr Gianni

Founder of the "Land Kir'Yianni" is John Boutari.

Took over the family tradition as a fourth-generation winemaker is a prominent figure of Greek wine from the mid 1960's. In 1997 the first wines bottled under the label of "Kir'Yianni Estate". Most major international grape varieties grown along with the best indigenous Greek varieties to produce a portfolio with wonderful dry white and red wines. The newly renovated ancient tower overlooking the main wine cellar is a registered trademark of Kir'Yiannis Estate.

The winery and vineyard Kir-Yianni is in Agios Panteleimon located on the shores of Lake Vegoritida hemmed in by mountains of Caimactsalan Vitsi. The purpose of the winery is to highlight particular quality wines through an area that has now been established in one of the most promising wine regions of Greece. The area is characterized by a special microclimate suitable for high-end wines, due to the high altitude and the four lakes surrounding the growing zone.

Alpha Estate

ALPHA ESTATE is located in Amyntaio Florina, in the northwestern part of Greece. Founded in 1997 by Makis Mavridis experienced viticulturist and oenologist chemical-Iatridi Angel, who, having become active in many parts of Greece Amyntaio chose to create his own wine.

Objectives of ALPHA ESTATE is the development and operation of privately owned single vineyard area of 650 acres, with high standards of installation and management, and producing wines Appellation Origine Amyntaio superior quality, and Local Wine red and white, modern winery that Located in the heart of the vineyard and meets all the conditions for the preservation of high-quality resources.

The philosophy of ALPHA ESTATE

The basis of the philosophy of the people of ALPHA ESTATE is the application of modern techniques in terms of irrigation, pest-management-integrated, framing, cropping and determining the time of maturity. Their aim is to produce wines representative of "TERROIR" (Ecosystem), indicating that the characteristics of the place of origin, soil and climate, but the formality of vine varieties. In this excellent soil and climatic environment, the human factor plays a regulatory role in the formation and promotion of conducive ecosystem.

Ktima Pavloy

The winery and vineyard owned by Ktima Pavlou extends to the village of St. Panteleimon in Amyntaio. Located in the northwestern corner of Greece, at an altitude of 650 meters (ASL), about 120 km west of Thessaloniki. The hills of St. Panteleimon rested between two lakes: Lake Rocks and Lake Vegoritis.

The soil is mainly due to sandy, with good drainage and a neutral pH. In the region there is a mild climate with cold winters and hot summers with low humidity. Apart from the management methods used in our vineyard, the longevity of our vines are a direct result of the ideals of environmental data of soil (terroir).

John Hatzis

The Hatzis family appears in Amyntaio early 19th century, when John (Hadji) Nicodemus comes from Patras and dealing with trade.

Main operator is the kind of wine Amynteon which supplies the neighboring convent, but quite far north, reaching Belgrade and Austro-Hungary.

In 2000 Mr. John Hatzis returns to his roots, winery building was the place where the last of the family vineyard.

The winery capacity of 700 hl, process grapes from our own vineyards and stable partners from the zone of OPAP Amynteon Xinomavro, SYRAH, and Riesling.

Period of operation: CONTINUOUS

Location: AMYNTAIO 1st km AMYNTAIOU - Agios Panteleimon

Phone: +30 23860 24215, +30 6977 087 880

Fax: +30 23860 24215


The company was founded in 2005 after a prolonged market research done by Chris Bosko and the unwavering support of John Boutari, the need arose to create a new company which would combine the youthfulness and industriousness of the first to experience and love of the second for his vineyard Amyndeo.

So keeping the name of the old firm of John Boutari and hosted on the premises of Kir-Yianni Inc. Agios Panteleimon, began its course in time. In this space we continued the philosophy of John Boutari for concession space and oenological technical support to those who love and are interested to make their own wine, and thereby controlling the quality standards in microvinification made in thus leaving less uncontrolled quality wines from the vineyards of St. Panteleimon and extension Amyndeo.