29 October 2012
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In Nimfeo or Neveska beyond the peace and tranquility that someone will seek in picturesque stone streets of the village, he will discover that there are plenty of activities to do.

The village is surrounded by beech forest which offers wonderful images throughout the year depending on the season. Inside the village there mansions assert firmly aligned with the surrounding environment. The church of St. Nicholas was originally built in 1385, while the House of Gold (silversmith museum) reveals the richness of Nymfaioton. Finally the old village school, the "Nikios Sholil" is now a convention center for the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.


The ARKTOYROS is a non-governmental, non-profit environmental organization founded in 1992 to protect the wildlife and natural environment. In Nimfeo there is the village park care for the Brown Bear, and just below the village of Agrapidia operates the center of care for lupus (wolf).

Horse Back Riding

The horses are now part of the Nymphaeum. You see them move freely in the village and take a walk through the narrow cobbled village. There's horse farm and riding school, where one can rent horses for riding.

Off Road Routes

As mentioned above, the village is surrounded by beech forest with countless dirt roads around it. The difficulty levels vary and whoever wishes they may be tried, driving capabilities off-road.

Mountain Bikes

These paths can be explored by bicycle. Not a prerequisite to have a bike, since there is business that rents bikes.


The village is next to the forest where there are many mapped trails leading to breathtaking scenery at an altitude that reaches the alpine zone.


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